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New paper out in Linguistic Research

New theoretical syntax paper with Jae-Young shim on the status of categorial labeling and copies in Linguistic Research. PDF “In contrast to dominant views that the labeling algorithm (LA) detects (i) only the structurally highest copy of a moved object, … Continue reading

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‘Leave the starry heavens alone’: Some old problems of mind and matter

Scientific understanding can be roughly defined – as Chomsky once said – as a convergence between properties of the mind and properties of the world. What form does this convergence take? Heisenberg is supposed to have said to Einstein that ‘If nature … Continue reading

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New paper out in Glossa

New paper published in Glossa on the ancient debate of whether language is optimally designed for cognition or communication. Language design and communicative competence: The minimalist perspective “In the Minimalist Program, the place of linguistic communication in language evolution and … Continue reading

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