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Rhythmic Syntax, Granularity, and Future of the Interdisciplinarian

Boeckx and Theofanopoulou (2015) today produced a commentary on ‘Labels, Cognomes and Cyclic Computation: An Ethological Perspective’ (Murphy 2015a; henceforth LCC). With care and instructive insights into the life sciences they expand the discussion of the computational capacities of non-humans, … Continue reading

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Real Methodological Naturalism: The Problem of Transposition and the Limits of Inquiry

Johannes Kepler’s Astronomia Nova In a recent paper, ‘Naturalism without metaphysics’, philosopher John Collins notes that scientific naturalism does not have to be a metaphysical position, and in fact any serious naturalist must suppose that their metaphysics reaches only as … Continue reading

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Infinite Jest: Putting the ‘a’ in ‘a priori’

The truth will set you free, but not until it’s done with you.  David Foster Wallace (1962-2008) David Foster Wallace, widely considered one of the greatest American writers, hanged himself in his garage on September 12th 2008 after suffering for … Continue reading

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