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Lenneberg and Brain Dynamics: Comments on Balari & Lorenzo (2017)

Sergio Balari and Guillermo Lorenzo have a paper in the current volume of Biolinguistics, which is dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lenneberg’s Biological Foundations of Language. The paper includes a number of unusual claims about computational approaches to … Continue reading

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Recursion and Oscillations: Comments on Boeckx (2016) and Goucha et al. (2016)

Cedric Boeckx has a new paper out in the Journal of Neurolinguistics, “A conjecture about the neural basis of recursion in light of descent with modification”. The central thesis is summarised as follows: “I argue that the expansion of the … Continue reading

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Songbirds Sing Beautifully and Cats Go Meow: A Reply to Sperlich (2016)

For an example of one of the most ridiculous and unconstructive cases of academic fisticuffs, look no further that Wolfgang Sperlich’s paper published today in Biolinguistics, which attempts to criticize some recent papers of mine. Sperlich finds no irony in … Continue reading

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